Our Story

Where it all began

At Goat we noticed that energy drinks seemed to be aimed at a small section of society, those who look good in wetsuits (seriously how?) and like base jumping off perfectly good buildings! What seemed to be missing was the normal everyday stuff.  Working late, woke up late, a good session at the gym, a late night with friends. There may well be an Ultra Marathon, a long cycle event, championship canoeing and triathlons in the mix but it’s the everyday work, the 4am starts and 2am finishes, the ‘up all night with the baby’ that gets missed.

Our Philosophy

To create fun, functional drinks which everybody can feel a part of.

Brand Journey

We started with our silver can as part of our first small production run. We thought our Goat was great but we were quite nervous about whether everyone else would too.
We quickly found some DJ’s who loved our drinks but they couldn’t see the cans in the dark so we moved to our new white can which shows up perfectly in the UV of a club.

With the Original Goat now looking at his best we’ve  created a Funky friend for him with all the fun and functionality but with none of the sugar or carbs!!

We’re now busy creating more Goats to add to our edits………

Our Gallery

Photos to make you smile